Naturally learning English

English language is an essential part of the everyday activity in our school, the Montessori environment enables the natural acquisition of this foreign language for the child.

Between birth and 6 years, children are in a sensitive period for language development. While it is true that they have a great capacity to absorb language it is a myth that learning language is easier for them. Learning another language can often be a challenging process that requires support from the adults around them.

For this reason, it is vital that the children are exposed to meaningful and varied English language. Singing songs and telling stories make up only a small part of the language they learn. By providing a natural language environment with relevant vocabulary on a range of subjects or based on their daily tasks and activities the children are given the language tools they need to effectively produce the language for themselves.

There is no mechanically memorising vocabulary lists but rather a natural accompaniment of English in their day at school.