More than just words

Foreign language development research has shown that young children benefit from being shown flashcards that relate to their environment in a natural and engaging way. In the 0-3 classroom we use this technique in English to help the children identify and name the objects and world around them. It is very effective and engaging for the learner and helps them to vocalise and develop their speech abilities. Furthermore, research has proven that there is a direct link between the syllables a word has and our ability to perceive and produce the word. Flashcards in English help to stimulate the parts of the developing brain responsible for speech development and help the child to develop a photographic memory.
The sessions are always relaxed and happy activities that we do individually or in groups, we can extend to play games and create songs with the flashcards and it is always fascinating to see how quickly the child is starts to use the words as part of their language. Much more than just words….!