English language in Montessori Montgrí

One of the fundamental advantages, when it comes to language, of the Montessori prepared environment is that it facilitates an endless array of activities and simulates a natural interaction and conversation between adult and child throughout the day.
There is no ´teaching´ or forced repetition of words and phrases but a natural flow of continuous communication and exposure to language and is by far the most successful way to speak another language well.
This ´natural approach´ is a language acquisition process that doesn´t force language output but instead allows language to come spontaneously after the child has been exposed to large amounts of language input. In the video, the young child at just 30 months, can construct and produce sentences spontaneously with no ´instruction´ from the adult.
The secret to learning a language is to observe how the child learns their first language. Even when a child is silent they are still acquiring language by listening, interpreting and guessing what is being said. By giving the children in our school the opportunity to listen, observe, and experience how English language is used in a multitud of situations during the day, they too soon begin to use English for themselves and by themselves. Fabulous!