Key concepts

Preparation of the child for the future

Creativity, initiative, self-confidence, the ability to solve problems, teamwork, emotional and social skills, along with basic executive functions, are our work goals and are the foundations of what will be demanded of them in the future.

The prepared classroom environment

The prepared environment is designed to meet specific needs and is managed by the students themselves, so that they can feel it as their own, and where the dynamics of the classroom are transformed into their own environment.

The continuous training of teaching staff

Their main task is to guide the child with the utmost respect for their potential for which this rigorous training, validated by the AMI, is essential.

The work of the child

Long periods of time are offered to the child so that they can freely choose to work in any area, deepen their knowledge, have time to analyze, reason, try things out, make mistakes, correct themselves and explore and investigate in order to learn to create, decide and improve.

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