Our team

The teachers and staff of Montessori Palau Montgrí consist of seven people, so that students can receive the necessary attention according to the psychological characteristics of each age. This team is in continuous training.  

Tutors: Specialist teachers of early childhood education, two of whom are finishing the European Master's Degree in Montessori Pedagogy AMI from 0 to 6 years at UVIC. In addition, these teachers have other complementary training such as the professional degree of early childhood education technician, postgraduate in emotional education, specialization in therapeutic pedagogy and have experience in the same centre and in other centres. One of the teachers has also completed the Attendees Course 0 – 3 AMI and course assistants 3 – 6 AMI at the Instituto Montessori Valencia.

Early childhood education technicians who collaborate with and assist teachers for the best attention to the students of each group. These teachers have internal training in education following the principles of the Montessori-Palau school in order to correctly adapt the way of working as much as possible. One of the early childhood education technicians has the Montessori Assistant Course 0 – 3 years from the Montessori Community Granada. Montessori assistant course 3 – 6 years from the Instituto Montessori Valencia.

The English language specialist holds a Degree in English Literature and Language from Northumbria University. Certificate in English Language Teaching for Cambridge University (Barcelona office). Graduate assistant Montessori 6 – 12 years by MIRTC.

The Montessori-Palau Montgrí team works together with the Girona teaching team, sharing experience and knowledge and the team is advised and guided by the Montessori-Palau school's guidance and psychology team and by the pedagogy coordinator for this stage.

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